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Book Brief
Intera-Regional Labor Mobility in the Arab World
This study is part of a joint-project between the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) that aims to assist countries in the Arab region to effectively manage human and labor mobility.
While intra-regional labor mobility is a phenomenon of significant magnitude and one that has been sustained over decades, it has been largely absent from policy and research discourse in the past decade. This report looks at both the structural determinants and the upcoming trends of intra-regional labor mobility in the Arab world, in order to provide policymakers and practitioners with a new evidence-base to enhance mobility management of Arab workers in the region and better harness its potential to contribute to the development of the region.
Within this context, the different chapters of the study have been written by selected Arab academic and migration professionals with long experience of the complexities of human and labor mobility in the region. The first part of the report covers the structural determinants of Arab workers' mobility in the region with a focus on regional integration, demographic factors and labor market performance. The second part of the report examines the various features of labor mobility within the Arab world as case studies of the phenomena representing wider regional labor mobility dynamics. While the chapters analyze the main trends and challenges that Arab policymakers and civil society face when managing the mobility of Arab workers, the report also shares a set of best practices from the region with potential suitability for replication and cascading in other Arab countries. 


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