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This is the text of the report of Egypt’s Urban Forum

held in Cairo on June 14-16,20015. PID played a major role in the logistical preparation of the Forum as a technical partner to UN HABITAT. It also wrote the report of the Forum. The report is an account of all the activities of the Forum including proceedings of all sessions.


Arab Spring Revolutions

Arab Spring revolutions

Activities of the roundtable conference held by PID on: “Social Justice in Post-revolutionary Arab Spring Countries” on March 30-31, 2013 in Cairo. Partners in Development for Research, Consulting and Training would like to invite you to follow-up on the roundtable conference that was held in Cairo titled:”Social Justice in Post-revolutionary Arab Spring Countries”. The conference lasted for two consecutive days. More


How to promote transparency in the allocation of land

Has become the issue of the relationship between the allocation of state-owned land and lack of transparency public issue occupy public opinion in Egypt in the recent period; because of what was uncovered by investigations and judicial rulings many great corruption young convert large tracts of these lands to private ownership cheaply. More

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Budget, whether from members of parliament and journalists through this training course on the reading and analysis of the Egyptian budget. The process of reading and analyzing the Egyptian budget is considered one of the basic and important issues being a method to realize the priorities of the government, as well as an effective tool for evaluating government performance. Due to the importance of the issue of reading and analyzing the budget at this level, PID have realized the importance of supporting those interested in such issue, hoping trainees to be able and qualified to deal easily with the budget document and read the priorities of public expenditure and to identify the contribution of the various budgets in achieving the goals of economic and social development.More

Cycle of NGOs about how to contact donors in order to support demand for projects carried out by It

A course for NGOs on communication with donors to support their projects PID have organized a course for NGOs members on communication with donors in order to demand support to their projects, including the identification of donors related to activities carried out by NGOs, as well as the elements that should be included in the speech directed to such donors, and the conditions that must be met in such NGOs in order to get this support in the framework of the programs developed by these organizations and in the way that enable them to achieve their objectives. The course was held in “The View” Hall, Marriott Hotel, on Saturday and Sunday, 6 -7 Feb.. The participants, who are 23 NGOs, were asked to submit a project plan for funding in order to achieve the optimum benefit from this course, provided for free.More


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Who are we

“Partners in Development for Research, Consulting and Training” (PID) is an Egyptian expertise house specialized in broad development studies. PID was established as a private company under the Law of Companies No. 159/1981 and the Investment Law No. 8/1997. PID was founded by a number of Egyptian experts, university professors, international organizations’ servants, More

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This book discusses how youths in Egypt perceive their identity: an issue that has evoked intense debate before the 25th of January revolution. The common impression was that there were two types of Egyptian youths. The first “westernized” type that seemed to deliberately escape any similarity with the Egyptian identity: They speak foreign languages, follow the billboards 100 and can’t wait to catch up with the latest Hollywood blockbusters while on the other hand lacking the basic information about their national history and their country’s major events.




The 52th Forum by PID


Arab Spring revolutions Islam and Citizenship

PID has held a forum discussion about “Islam and Citizenship” with guest speaker Sheikh Gamal Qotb- former head of Al-Azhar’s Fatwa committee and author of various books about Islamic jurisprudence. This forum comes at a time where debate intensifies over some people’s narrow definition of Islam in a way that obscures citizenship rights. Citizenship means an equal legal status of rights and responsibilities for all citizens, without discrimination based on religion or race. 




Research Activities

“Egypt After January 25th “Project: Non-Partisan Papers For Policy Makers

Egypt 25 j

In August 2011, in the wake of January 25th 2011 revolution, the project of "Egypt after January 25th :non-partisan papers for the policy makers" has been determined to reflect strongly the faith of the Egyptian scientific community and those who have expertise relevant to glorious January 25th revolution, and their eagerness to support it and their practical willingness to put their knowledge in its service, and find, at the present time no other way to support them but to provide the Egyptian transitional government, and the government emerging from the coming election and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, with their best ideas about how to deal with issues of priority and of concern to the public opinion and decision-makers in Egypt. This project tries to formulate policies largely consensual.More




Pid News


[27/06/2012] The 52th Forum by PID Islam and Citizenship PID has held a forum discussion about “Islam and Citizenship” with guest speaker Sheikh Gamal Qotb- former head of Al-Azhar’s Fatwa committee and author of various books about Islamic jurisprudence. See More

[8/05/2013] “Egypt after January 25th “project: non-partisan papers for policy makers



PID has completed three new research papers on New Dimensions of Transparency.The three papers deal with transparency in local government institutions written by Dr.Saleh El-Sheikh,acting director of the Public Administration Research Center-PARC- ,and Transparency in the work of Egypt's People's Assembly written by Ola Rafik, who was a junior researcher at PID and transparency in NEPAD, the New Partnership for African Development,written by Dr.Rawia Tawfiq,assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science . More





Horizons of Development


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Is the public’s involvement in shaping development policies necessarily positive? What are the effects of language and local culture on these policies’ success? Has Egypt become a failed state? How did Brazil manage to use its economic development’s success in fostering its international image? These are some of the questions that this issue of “Horizons of development” is answering. “Horizons of development” presents various studies that dealt with some static notions that prevailed in development related writings and raises questions about the analytical significance of common concepts in these writings.More

Policy briefs


My Image In the last years Egypt has witnessed an increasing interest to teach human rights topics whether as an independent course or through integrating these topics in the different school and university curricula.






Egyptian Economic Performance Follow-up Report


PID have published a new periodical cares to follow up various sectors of the Egyptian economy, which comes in the form of a monthly report that highlights the most important events relevant of macroeconomic variables; monetary or real alike. The report prepared by Ahmad Ragab Al-Sayed, economic researcher.  More








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