The Book Launching Ceremony

Local Administration in Egypt: "Reality and the Future"

You may realize the importance of local administration reform in the democratization process in Egypt. Remains an open question: From where to start? The book arises several basic questions that line with that issue, including from where to start the local administration reform in Egypt? Shall we start with laws or cultural reform or both of them? Which is easier, laws or cultural reform? May be the legal framework reform that governs the local administration is the simplest component, which may coincides with good practice of that reform. This may lead to creating governance "decentralization" not only on the level of words and laws but the actual practice.

The actual practice creates a culture difficult to abandon. The most important factor that guarantees activating decentralization lies in the availability of political will and intention of the ruling political class, otherwise amending the law and drafting a new law for local administration will be just ink on paper.

Due to the importance of these questions for the future of Egypt after January 25th revolution, and in the light of the debate about the optimal form of the Egyptian political system, as well as the optimal form of the local governance system, your participation in the activities of this celebration will be important. We are confident that your participation will have a positive impact on the enrichment of such celebration.

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