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Who are we?

“Partners in Development for Research, Consulting and Training” (PID) is an Egyptian expertise house specialized in broad development studies. PID was established as a private company under the Law of Companies No. 159/1981 and the Investment Law No. 8/1997. PID was founded by a number of Egyptian experts, university professors, international organizations’ servants, and businessmen who are concerned about issues of development, who have had a good previous experience in managing one of Cairo University’s studies and research centers, turning it to be globally well-known under their leadership. The founders and staff found PID an opportunity to put their expertise and knowledge at the service of cultural, economic and social, development issues in Egypt and other Arab countries. Moreover, PID, as a private company, ensures the sustainability of its activities, which cannot be ensured within the framework of rules and regulations of Cairo University. For implementing its missions, PID resorts to a large number of experts working in universities and other research centers in Egypt, especially, those who have a vast experience in social and economic development issues and those who are specialized in Economics, IT, Law, Political Science and Public Administration, as well as those who are experts in the fields of Science and Engineering as may be necessary.

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