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Activities of the roundtable conference held by PID on: “Social Justice in Post-revolutionary Arab Spring Countries” on March 30-31, 2013 in Cairo.
Partners in Development for Research, Consulting and Training would like to invite you to follow-up on the roundtable conference that was held in Cairo titled:”Social Justice in Post-revolutionary Arab Spring Countries”. The conference lasted for two consecutive days and comprised of 5 main sessions:
Reviewing the experiences of Arab Spring countries in dealing with political and economic challenges after toppling their authoritarian regimes;
Social Justice in post-revolutionary policies;
Alternative policies? The challenges of formulating and executing social justice policies;
The political alliances supporting alternative policies;
Issues in need of in-depth studies.

The 5 sessions addressed the issues of social justice in Arab Spring countries in detail. (For more information please refer to the conference agenda on the following link). The sessions included video conference participation from India with Dr. Peter de Souza- one of the most esteemed experts in the field, followed by an enthusiastic discussion from our guests.
The roundtable has been contributed to by a number of internationally recognized experts on the topics of social justice, democratic transitions and comparative politics as well as a number of statesmen, political activists and media persons from Egypt, the Arab World and abroad.
Some of our guests:
Philippe Schmmitter, USA
Mustapha El-Sayed,Egypt
Dr. Thomas Carothers USA
Mahmoud Gibril, Libya.
Fateh Azzam Palestine
Abdel Latif El-Hanashi, Tunisia.
Fatma Toumi
Katerina Dalacoura, UK.
Hoda El-Sadda, Egypt
Anissa SaidiTunisia.

The roundtable received distinguished media coverage from Egyptian, Arabic and International media outlets. (For more information please refer to the following link). The participants recommended that PID should host a series of roundtables for continued research and studies about issues related to social justice in the Arab Spring countries.




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